Why do we need skin care?

In today’s heterosexual world it is important to look appreciative, self enhanced and confident.

The high pollution, the UV rays of the sun and the stressful lives of the city people have taken its toll on our skin making it dull and lifeless.

Hence, every individual needs to adhere to a daily skin care regime to enliven the facial skin and prevent further damage.

It is important to maintain a healthy and glowing skin as a flawless skin increases our self-confidence while facing the world. In addition, a daily skin care routine helps in slowing the aging process.

The basic steps involved in the care of the skin are:

  • Cleansing
  • Toning
  • Moisturizing
  • Sun-protection


Cleansing the skin removes dirt, bacteria, oils, dead skin cells, sweat and leftover make-up from the skin surface. It opens the pores and cleans deep inside them. Soaps cannot cleanse deep and are ineffective as cleansers. Various cleansers used nowadays are:

  • Soaps and cleansing bars- these tend to dry the skin and have chemicals that have a bad effect on the skin.
  • Lipid free cleansers / face wash- Do not contain soap, causes less irritation.
  • Cleansing creams, milk and lotions can be used to remove make-up.
  • Exfoliant’s/scrubs-Removes the dead surface skin cells and polishes the skin revealing a glowing, more fresher skin
  • Cleansing masks/packs- tighten the pores giving a cooling and refreshing effect. Remove excess oil and make the skin soft and smooth.


Toners or astringents remove any trace of left over cleanser and have a cooling effect. They produce a tight skin feeling. They close the pores or else dirt accumulates inside them causing blackheads. All alcohol-containing astringents are used on intact skin of oily complected patients. For dry skin, alcohol free toners are used. Toners prepare the skin for moisturizing.


Our skin needs both oil and water to function normally and look healthy. Natural oils secreted by our skin create a moisture barrier that seals water into the epidermis. When this barrier is disrupted by exposure to cold air and wind; moisture from the skin evaporates; surface cells begin to shed unevenly or become raised causing roughness, scaliness and appearance of fine lines. Hence, in order to rehydrate the skin, it is necessary to use a moisturizer- according to one’s skin type. Oily complected persons should use oil-free moisturizers, which are available in the form of lotions. For dry skin- a cream based, greasy moisturizer is advisable.

Sun Protection

No skin care is regime is complete without the use of a sunscreen. It must be applied liberally to all the exposed parts- face, neck, and arms. Check the sun-protection factor – it should be at least 30 and above. Since, most of them contain moisturizing factors; one can use the sunscreen alone in the daytime.

Specific Care

Use of Anti-ageing Creams (for wrinkles and fine lines):

These work by:

  • Repairing the damaged elastic fibers (present in the dermis) which cause the skin to sag.
  • Stimulating the skin’s natural renewal process (which slows down due to age and results in wrinkles)
  • Removal of dead cells (called as exfoliation).


Use of eye creams:

These work by preventing formation of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, removing puffiness and dark circles.

Age Groups

Hence, with the above-mentioned guidelines we can broadly classify the skin care regimen according to the age group.

  • For younger skin (<35 years):

    Cleansing - Toning - Moisturising - Sunscreen

    No, anti wrinkle, creams are required but sunscreens are necessary.

  • For a mature/older person (>35 years):

    Cleansing - Toning - Moisturizing + Sunscreen + Antiageing care.